Olfaction Platform for Personalized Cannabinoid Consumption & Quality Assurance


Olfactive Platform

Quana is an Israeli company, a leader in cannabis olfaction research, working in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to develop breakthrough technology and innovate the global cannabis consumption and data.

Unlocking a new era of standardization, quality and precision for the cannabis industry by revealing which people respond to which cannabinoids and how.


Provide consumers and producers immediate and personalized decision support system for medical Cannabis usage.

Quana’s platform identifies and alerts users on the presence of molds and pesticides, as well as personalizes cannabinoid consumption using decision making algorithms that match the most suitable cannabis produce with consumers’ needs.


Quana uses a 3-part method to generate a personalized cannabis experience

Quana Fingerprints

– Our Secret Language

Using a unique set of sensors, cloud-based big-data algorithms and a mobile app., Quana detects, analyzes and generates a unique olfactive fingerprint for each cannabis sample tested - in a harmless process for the sample.


​Quana App – Personalize Your Cannabis Experience

The Quana app enables cannabis consumers to provide cannabis sample-specific feedback for any cannabis produce.

This input allows our machine learning algorithms to match each and every cannabis consumer with their own customized cannabis menu of preferred and effective treatments – all based on their own past inputs and crowd wizdom.

Quana constantly collects data on olfactive Fingerprints of different genetics and varieties, their physical and mental effects and how well they aid in easing different medical conditions.


– Where Al Magic Happens

Quana gathers consumers’ therapeutic effect feedback via a mobile application and stores it on a matrix of indications, feedbacks and fingerprints.

Our decision making algorithms then generate, an effective and personalized decision support data and refer the consumer to the most suitable product.

The cloud is where an abundance of cannabis is matched to a myriad of cannabis consumers. 

QuanaCloud is essentially a sophisticated crowd and personal data warehouse of each consumer’s tastes, habits, preferences and characteristics.

It’s real-time, patient-centric, data-driven, scientific and precise personalized cannabis decision support platform.



For Consumers

Consumers will be able to scan cannabis packages to receive Quana recommendations or brows offerings integrated with a cannabis-care personalization platform.

As users teach Quana about themselves - Quana recommends how to be consistently well.

Our data warehouse is built by our users: a single user feedback is impacting an entire compassion network that aids in the personalization of others as well.


For the Cannabis Industry


The Quana device and system will be integrated into  packaging line, sampling each pack without harming it, to a point that each batch will be scanned and labeled with Quana QR codes

The Quana technology can be implemented in various sizes and models that are fit for production lines, public locations and more, and can be integrated at various points of the supply chain, from the consumption site, packing facilities, distribution and to the growing area.

Quana established the first and only cannabis olfactive data warehouse and is using it to generate business and pharmacological intelligence.

Businesses can use Quana to trace back any cannabis strain to its landrace origins, identify consumer trends and anticipate demand.

The  technology enables pesticides and mold detection at every link of the cannabis supply chain, for entire inventories in a cost-effective and non-destructive manner.

Our platform also links healthcare professionals and retailers with their customers, safely and effectively match the best treatment to each and every one of them, and easily keep track of treatment results. It creates a better, more personal experience for the medical and recreational cannabis markets.


Mr. Ravid Baruch Naali 

Chief Technology Officer

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Project manager and architect of distributed system. Export in embedded software, specialized in sensors and IOT product development




Prof. Zohar Kerem

Founder and Chief Scientist

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Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Food Science in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The head of the  international executive MSC program in Viticulture and Enology.


Dr. Adi Naali

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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PhD in Sustainability from the University of Haifa in collaboration with Colorado State University. B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Vice Chair of the International Olive Oil Council.


Lee Goldstein, MD

Head of  Advisory Board

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Specialist in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology Head of The Clinical Pharmacology Unit

Haemek Medical Center, Afula, Israel

Affiliated to the Bruce Rappaport School of Medicine, Technion, Haifa, Israe, Chairman of the Israel Society of Clinical Pharmacology.

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Dr. Arriel Benis

Advisory Board

Phd. in Biomedical Informatics from the Université Paris Nord, MA in Technology from the Ecole Superieure d’Informatique et de Gestion, and an MSc in Medical Informatics and Medical Engineering from UPMC, Paris. Dr. Benis is the head of the Business Intelligence and Automation Lab at the Holon Institute of Technology, Israel


Mr. Snir Maizlik

Chief Operation Officer 

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MBA, COO - An experienced executive and entrepreneur. Snir gained his business development experience focusing on exporting Israeli technologies to Asia. He served as a partner and an executive manager in EPM Pharma and as the CEO

of a trading company in Shanghai.


Mr. Nitzan Weiss

Business Strategy

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CSO - Investor and an entrepreneur in the medicinal cannabis industry. Nitzan headed the United Nations’ ITC procurement and lead numerous collaborations with UN organizations. Nitzan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration.


Avi Entes

Business Strategy

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An experienced finance and business development professional. With a B.A. in accounting and information systems from the IDC, As a financial consultant, Avi has helped dozens of startups in business development, formulation of Business Plans, Technological Strategies and Investor Pitch decks.


Mr. Nadav Mor Moscovich

Business Development

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Entrepreneur and an attorney with activities in the North American retail cannabis market. Nadav established a cannabis investment arm for a Delawarean private equity fund. Nadav studied a Bachelor degree of Law and a Masters of Business Administration from the Hebrew University.


Ben Afgin

Patients Relations
& Supply Chain Relations Manager

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Cannabis specialist - full range expert at the Cannabis industry from growing to consumption. Experienced mentor for medical cannabis users. Licensed advisor for medical cannabis from the Israeli ministry of health. Agronomist.


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New Cannabis Products: Living Tincture, Live Resin Vape, New Hemp CBD Line, And A Crazy Olfactive Device


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